Online or in person...our training works.


“Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic training day… They loved it! They all absorbed so much valuable information from you. You could clearly see this at the press conference, they really did apply their new knowledge.”



Boffin Media’s alumni includes scientists, CEOs, environmentalists, engineers, press officers, PhD students, MPs and members of national institutions, research councils, universities and charities.


“Thank you again for the training; really good, fun, well delivered and great to see how much progress we can all make in just a day.”



People end our sessions knowing how to give successful broadcast interviews, better presentations or print quotes that jump off the page.

Trainees are armed with the confidence, skills and practical experience of being interviewed for radio, print or television. They also gain useful insider knowledge about how journalists work.
All training is tailor-made for individuals or groups. It can be introductory or advanced. It’s up to you. But be prepared for fun, personal feedback, invaluable advice, practical ‘as live’ interviews and encouragement. Dealing with the media needn’t be scary and we can give you a head start in getting your message across.

Be prepared


Working with a journalist is a collaboration.

But if you are worried about a potential rough ride, we can help. Our crisis training focuses on previously discussed scenarios for both one-on-one and large-scale exercises.

We also run virtual podcasting and video workshops and provide consultation to help you to make your own recordings.

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