Before I Go (BBC World Service)
Winner 2018 New York Festivals International Radio Program Award,
Silver Runner-up 2018 BBC Radio and Music Awards ‘best documentary’

Beautifully made…edited and crafted to smooth out the rough edges and to allow the voices of those taking part to shine through.” 

Spectator magazine

Having gone through my own cancer journey and having listened to everything out there as you can imagine,

I think this is the best thing I’ve heard.” 





Our documentaries appear across BBC radio and include Space 1977 (2018 Association of British Science Writers’ Awards runner-up), Women with the Right Stuff (Bronze 2017 New York Festivals International Radio Program Award), Archive on 4 and The Man with the Mohican (presented by actor David Morrissey).

We also make series for Radio 3’s The Essay and produced Songs from Space (presented by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti) for Radio Everyone, a project by film director Richard Curtis to promote the United Nations’ sustainability goals.



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Our award-winning monthly Space Boffins podcast has featured everyone from astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Tim Peake and Helen Sharman to NASA and ESA mission scientists as well as poets and musicians.

Space Boffins Podcast
Space Boffins Podcast

Here are some short extracts from our recent productions:


Before I Go


Award-winning documentary for BBC World Service




Space 1977


BBC World Service documentary on the Voyager missions,
presented by astronaut Ron Garan




Women with the Right Stuff


BBC World Service documentary presented by the legendary
Wally Funk




Beating the Detector


In this Radio 4 documentary, Anjana Ahuja asks if lie detectors should be used to monitor UK sex offenders




The Man with the Mohican


One man inspired a teenage David Morrissey to become an actor. His name is Roger Hill. But in Liverpool, from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, he was known as the Man with the Mohican (Radio 4)




Space Boffins


Extract from an interview with British astronaut Tim Peake